Sloth Quest

November 1, 2020

Sloth Quest got listed as a hand-picked action game on

Thanks for the listing, C.A.!

Sloth Quest

October 31, 2020

We streamed Sloth Quest on Twitch for the Steam Halloween sale. We had a handful of visitors (thanks all) and spent 2 hours sweating over the joystick. Check out Kronzorg (Dave) on Twitch to see stream highlights.

Sloth Quest Update

July 2, 2020

New Sloth Quest Gameplay Trailer

Sloth Quest game play trailer

The new trailer showcases about 5 minutes of game play from several selected levels. Two boss encounters are featured. Check it out and leave a comment if you like!

Sloth Quest Update

June 19, 2020

Sloth Quest is published on Steam!

Sloth Quest release on steam

After a long year of development, our hero Sloth is ready for action! We ended up with 31 levels (4 tutorials), 3 big bosses, 3 cutscenes, 47 collectible items including 6 complete outfits and numerous small wearables. We added 11 Steam achievements and full controller support.

AND, we have our first article mention. covered us in a June 2020 roundup of games on Steam. Thanks and congrats for being first.

Sloth Quest Update

January 15, 2020

We've been a bit quiet for the last month or so. The holidays diverted us briefly, but we've been working hard and now we present:

Sloth Quest Web Demo

It's a playable demo of the tutorial plus first three levels that you can play in your browser using a keyboard or game controller. Quick, go see how strange and wonderful it is to control a real live sloth (by proxy, through a rudimentary digital simulation, of course).

Sloth Quest Update

November 27, 2019

We have a new trailer out on YouTube which you can check out here.


Sloth Quest Steam page

Sloth Quest is now on Steam as "coming soon". Click here to go to the page. Our release date is still estimated as Spring 2020 but you can visit the page, watch the trailer and wishlist the game.

Sloth Quest Update

November 2, 2019

sloth with magnet

We're experimenting with some more sloth mechanics, this time it's magnets. While holding the magnet, you can turn it on and off to pull the sloth to magnetic target objects. We're trying to come up with fun ways to use them. The sloth isn't very good at going up since his hand-over-hand technique is very slow (even for a sloth) but using the magnets he can pop from one target to another quite quickly. It looks like a good time for a climbing level !

Sloth Quest Update

October 20, 2019

We got merchandise! Yes, you can buy merch for the unreleased game, Sloth Quest. So rush on over to and check it out. We have two images currently but there's a huge variety of stuff they can plaster it on: t-shirts, mugs, pillows, phone cases, etc. You know a set of Sloth Quest coasters is gonna be on every kids xmas list.

sloth quest t-shirt sloth quest coaster

Sloth Quest Update

October 5, 2019

More slothy stuff is done. We have an iOS build! It was a bit of a chore, but it seems to be running well. We have had an Android build for some time but I only really play tested on a 7" tablet. The phone's small size (here on an iPhone 5s) creates some issues, especially for the menus, but otherwise it's totally playable. We're using the phone gyro as the control for the sloth legs swing and happily it works fine on all devices tested so far (thanks Unity).

sloth quest on iphone

The small "30" on the screen is the frames per second. It's apparently capped at 30 by default. The game experience at 30 fps seems good, and it keeps battery drain to a minimum. I may add an option to allow 60 fps in the settings menu.

Sloth Quest Update

September 21, 2019

sloth on zipline

The game is progressing nicely. The latest levels have the sloth traversing a mysterious underground realm with a sort of zip-line. But it's not just a case of hang on and scream. Swinging the sloth's legs left or right nudges the wheel along the track. The zip-line was an element in the original game (see blog) but it really was a case of "just hang on." We're still playing with the mechanics, but there should be a large element of skill and control and perhaps even multiple paths.

Sloth Quest Update

September 7, 2019

big black spider

The spider likes the sloth. The spider hangs helpful webs for the sloth to grab and swing on. The spider even helps the sloth go up. Climbing up is hard for the sloth, he has to pull and pull. But riding the gentle web filament is so easy. Just hold on and it goes up, and up, and up. And when it gets to the top, the sloth can take a nice nap in a soft blanket ... that lasts forever.

sloth and spider web

Sloth Quest Update

August 24, 2019

After passing through jungle and swamp, the sloth enters the caves. Some areas of these caves are quite drafty and if you're not careful the sloth will get blown right into the spiky stalactites.

sloth in cave draft

Caves are made by water, right? So this sloth must learn to swim. Swimming opens up a new freedom of movement: the sloth can swim in any direction. Guided by swinging his legs, which always kick when underwater, the sloth arms are free to grab like normal. Slothy gets a breath bar when he's in the water which doesn't last very long, so having an air tank equipped is always helpful.

sloth with scuba tank

Sloth Quest Update

August 8, 2019

We are just about done with the first set of jungle levels and moving into the swamp. It starts to get a little wet: there is moving water and, of course, piranhas!


Two versions of these nasty fish lurk in the water. The tiny ones will attack and mostly annoy the sloth, but the big ones are a one-bite-kill!

There are areas in some levels where you can land on the ground and perhaps not die right away. Other areas lead to certain death when you let go. I wonder what's about to happen in this next picture? Are those spikes?

sloth falling onto spikes

sloth quest logo

Sloth Quest Revived

July 30, 2019

We've been working constantly since our first little game, Sarah in the Sky. Partway through our next game, we decided the project we chose wasn't the best match for us at this time. RPG's are tough to do and hard to market. So we have switched gears and are going full steam ahead with Sloth Quest.

After a slow start, we've gotten over the biggest hurdles: rigging for 2d physics, picking an art style, creating unique lighting. All the original game mechanics are in place and we've added a few more. One of four planned bosses is already completed as are several levels.